Announcing the lost unicorn forest photo contest winners!

We finally have a decision by the judges on the winning pictures of the Lost Unicorn Forest Photo Contest! Thank you for your patience while waiting for the results. We were looking for creative pictures that captured the beauty of Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary sim…and we definitely found them! I want to thank every single person who entered their pictures, they were all beautiful and winners in my book…and I’m so happy to have so many additions to our group pool now!

I also want to thank our fabulous 9 judges who determined the winning pictures, great job in choosing based on the criteria! I know it was tough…all of them said so! We ended up with the 3 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place and 8 Honorable Mentions!! It was so hard to narrow them down as it is and they could not any further!

Here is a link to ALL the entries:…

Congratulations to the winners!! Your photos really brought out and showcased the beauty of Lost Unicorn in a creative and unique way.

And the winning pictures….

1st Place

Entry 1 by John Garrison

Beautiful, amazing, epic are words that come to mind with John’s landscape. He truly captured the beauty of the sim just within the small area he photographed. His use of color, lighting, shadows and reflections all composed together in one piece is absolutely stunning!

2nd Place

Contest Entry by Sam

Sam’s simple, classic sepia piece shows how beautiful the sim is even if it’s not in full color!

3rd Place

Le Bassin aux Nympheas by Serei Guena

Serei’s picture is one of those that causes a person to do a double take. It captures the sim in a beautifully composed and creative way plus looks like a painting!


Lost Unicorn by Marja Geesink

Many faeries make their home in Lost Unicorn. Marja was able to capture them and the magic of the sim, but still keep the focus on the beautiful forest in the background. Great job!

Lost Unicorn by OSO

Absolutely stunning photography, use of color, reflections and composition! Great job of showcasing the sim in a creative and imaginative way!

Lost Unicorn Entry 1 by Pavel Stransky

Another epic landscape that because of great composition, was able to showcase a combination of mountains, forest, water and our resident sea monster 🙂

Magical Mushroom by Sparklingstar

This picture may not be a landscape, but it definitely captures the MAGIC that is in every corner of Lost Unicorn! Full of color, fun and great work with the lighting!

Misty Morning by Razor Cure

Razor, man of many faces, portrayed a beautiful part of the sim and made it look misty, mysterious and full of wonder. Makes you wonder what he’s about to do….

On My Way Home by Trixie Bumbo

A story is being told here….is she arriving home from a long journey? Where did she go? What will she do? Beautifully composed and great use of the avatar….still with the focus on the sim 🙂

Titan Territory by Orion Octave

Another story about to unfold….the ent and the elf are on alert and guarded. I wonder what it is or what they are about to do? Great storytelling while incorporating the sim criteria.

Under Moonlight’s Cover by Deva Westland

Simply a stunning, beautiful capture of the most magical and mythical creatures at Lost Unicorn! The colors and lighting are gorgeous!

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