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I once owned a sim called Enchanted of Elven Realm, which was open 3 years. I had to close it due to real life reasons at the time, but knew some day I would want to rebuild a fantasy forest again.  I had a small gallery at Enchanted and ended up purchasing half a sim and housing an all new larger gallery there along with some beautiful gardens.  It was named The Lost Unicorn Gallery.  When I was able, I finally moved to a full sim and that is when Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary came to be.  A place to house both the gallery and have the fantasy forest I always wanted.  I was inspired so much by Nessa Zamora’s Telrunya sim and saw her advertisement that she creates for others.  I hired her and told her my vision and she went above and beyond creating it.  It has had gradual changes throughout its existence but right now, with the some major changes that have happened recently, Lost Unicorn really shines!  It’s a dreamy forest full of beauty and magic where childhood faerie tales come to life! A unicorn sanctuary where many woodland animals and fantasy creatures can roam safe and free.

This is a slideshow of the original Lost Unicorn built a couple years ago and of Lost Unicorn during winter of 2016…

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