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I’ve always had a great love for anything fantasy, especially fantasy artwork.  After joining Fickr a few years ago, I was amazed at the gorgeous pictures and what people could do with snapshots taken in world.  I opened a small gallery back in 2012 above the sim I owned at the time.  Then later, in 2014, I had a half sim where I was able to dedicate the space mainly to the gallery and named it The Lost Unicorn Gallery.  This gallery has had a few changes but we are finally where we want to be and in the perfect build to allow pictures to be displayed larger and more of them.  I wanted a way to display and allow others to enjoy all the beautiful pictures by the most amazing fantasy artists in Second Life.   This includes already established and not so established artists. I have hand picked a truly outstanding group of member artists within the gallery whom I think epitomize the category fantasy plus just a few not so much fantasy, but still blend with the theme 🙂 We are also continuously adding new artists on a regular basis. All of the pictures are taken within Second Life and then edited from there.

There’s a list of all  member artists on the first floor of the gallery. Here’s how we display their pictures:

1. On a rotational basis every 2-3 months (for example, right now we might have 24 artist’s pictures up for 2 months, then the next 2 months all new artists).

2. Every 2-3 months the pictures are completely changed out along with the artists.

3. We have one artist we showcase once a month on the first floor/front room of the gallery. It may or may not be a member artist. We will have some kind of entertainment at their opening…usually a vocalist, musician or DJ.

4. We have/participate in special events throughout the year:
Photo Contests
Enchantment Event every 3 months
Fantasy Faire
Christmas Extravaganza every year

We don’t normally have pictures for sale and we base that on the wishes of the artist.  However, if you see a picture you really like, please contact me or the artist and I’m sure they’d be happy to work with you on that.

I hope you enjoy the gallery and all the amazing talent within it!





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