Storybook Sim Closing Soon


I just wanted to announce that the Storybook sim (Storybook Forest) within the Lost Unicorn region will be closing by midnight SL time on Tuesday the 3rd. The good news is we will be announcing a brand new sim and theme within the next couple days, so stay tuned! Also, I hope to eventually place Storybook above the gallery sim at some point, just a different version. Of course the beautiful LOST UNICORN SIM will still be here along with the gallery! Thank you all for your loyalty and support!

Storybook Forest sim


Razor Cure, Man of Many Faces…Opening Saturday at Noon!


Come enjoy a selection of artist Razor Cure’s work at The Lost Unicorn Gallery this Saturday! As per the title, Razor is a man with many faces in Second Life. He loves to change the character he portrays for every single shot and always finds the perfect backdrop for the occasion. All of his pictures include his avatar, but the angles he uses, the lighting, color and location are impressive to say the least. He’s very talented and creative even with the simplest of pictures and they all have a story to tell!

We also have 3 special guest artists this round! …..

Igi (Romuska)
Samanda Eddingham
Tresore Prada

Come see Razor’s quick change artistry at work along with amazing pieces by our guest artists. We will also have all new pictures up in the gallery in time for the opening.

DJ Darkdragon Harcourt will be playing some classic rock tunes for us. Enjoy!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Enchantment’s Princess Bride Photo Contest!


Princess Bride is a modern fairy tale written by William Goldman and was also made into an endearing film loved by millions starring Robin Wright and Cary Elwes. I can’t wait to see what you call come up with your creativity this round!!


1. Please enter your pictures based on fairy tale theme, PRINCESS BRIDE

2. You may submit up to 2 pictures

3. Pictures may be raw, edited or photoshopped

4. No nudity allowed (no private parts showing or sexual acts)

5. Please submit pictures by midnight SL time on Sunday, March 1

6. Submit to the Flickr group link below (labeled “contest entry”):


You may also send a notecard to Natalie Montagne in world…don’t forget your avie’s name on the notecard!

7. Winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity and staying within the theme of the contest


1ST PLACE: 5000L



Enjoy 🙂

Lost Unicorn Contest Exhibition

Snapshot_030 (2)

Stop by The Lost Unicorn Gallery and view all the beautiful entries and winning pictures from the Annual All Sim Photo Contest! The entire first floor is dedicated to this exhibit and we will have the pictures up until February 12.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery



Annual Lost Unicorn Photo Contest Winners!


Thank you to everyone who entered your pictures in the 5th Annual Lost Unicorn All Sim Photo Contest! We ended up with 88 total entries including those entered in world! This was the toughest contest to judge thus far as far as a final decision. Every single picture was special and I’m so happy to have so many new ones added to our Sim Flickr group!

Congratulations to the winners! The criteria was originality, creativity and showing the beauty of the sims. The judges felt your pictures incorporated all these things and I think they did a great job!

1st Place
A Place for Fae to Dream by Deva Westland….a little fae sitting mischievously upon a lantern within the beautiful and majestic forest…what better to show the magic and beauty of Lost Unicorn?

2nd Place
Unicorns From Afar by Skip Staheli.…a grouping of mythical unicorns within the forest, in the distance framed by giant trees, flowers and a lovely tree stump with resting birds…amazing composition, color and overall view of the forest.

3rd Place
Magical Quest by Jessamine N….the rising tower and beautiful elven bridge within the mist connecting two worlds, all with the perfect angle. All I can say is EPIC scene!

Little Red by Penny Day
Lost Unicorn by Leonorah Beverly
Dreaming of a Paradise by Silly Oakleaf
Lost Unicorn Sanctuary by Betty Rogan
The Found Unicorn by Emery Leinhardt

Last but not least, I’d like to mention Emery Leinhardt’s picture TWO WORLDS AS ONE. We gave it the Most Creative award for her incorporation of the underwater mermaid world with the above ground forest in one picture. Great job!

Here is a link to the Flickr entries:  Contest Entries

I plan to display ALL the entries at The Lost Unicorn Gallery by end of the week or before.

Thank you all for a great contest!!

The winning pictures……….

1st Place

A Place for Fae to Dream by Deva Westland

a place for fae to dream:deva


2nd Place

Unicorns From Afar by Skip Staheli

@Lost Unicorn~Contest Entry~Unicorns from afar


3rd Place

Magical Quest by Jessamine N

Magical Journey_1



Two Worlds as One by Emery Leinhardt

**Special Award for Most Creative**

two worlds as one:emery leinhardt


Lost Unicorn by Leonorah Beverly

lost unicorn:leonorah beverly


Dreaming of a Paradise by Silly Oakleaf

Dreaming of a paradise:silly oakleaf


Lost Unicorn Sanctuary by Betty Rogan

Lost unicorn foest sanctuary:Betty Rogan


Little Red by Penny Day

little red:penny day


The Found Unicorn by Emery Leinhardt

the found unicorn:emery leinhardt



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