Storybook Forest

Storybook Forest Logovisit Storybook Forest now

I’ve always loved books, fantasy and fairy tales, so wanted something to expand on this.  Storybook Forest was originally an addition to Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary, rather a greatly expanded “Storybook” area from the original small area in Lost Unicorn.  It has developed into a sim of its own just in the last couple months, now at the sim named none other than, Storybook.  The castle walls still encompass most of the Storybook area itself, making it a “kingdom” of its own and this definitely separates it from Lost Unicorn as a whole other land, which was the intent.  When you first enter, there is a small village of cute, cuddly creatures welcoming you.  As you continue on, you enter the land of fairy tales.  The villagers are also sprinkled throughout this land as visitors themselves as they join you in your adventure. Bring your childhood memories to life at Lost Unicorn’s Storybook Forest!  Whimsical and beautiful fantasy forest representing several different favorite stories/fairy tales in live scenes as you walk the trail.

Below is a slideshow of the original Storybook Forest when it was first created in winter..



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