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This is the first post on our new website and what better than dedicate it to our “all new” region at Lost Unicorn and Storybook Forest!  It has been a gradual process due to time constraints, but other than a couple things here and there, we have finally completed the region!  The amazing Nessa Zamora has basically redone the forest sanctuary, now at the sim known as “Lost Unicorn”.  We also added a third sim (homestead) adjoining the 2 sims, Lost Unicorn and Faerie Tale (where the gallery sits).  This sim is called Storybook and appropriately houses our Storybook Forest area.  Nessa also created and landscaped this area.  We have alot of water in and around all the sims to boat around in now, plus the 3 lands are divided yet blend together with one another so well.  Of course we still have the beautiful elven area at Lost Unicorn along with LOTS of unicorns, faeries and other creatures 🙂  If you haven’t visited, please be sure to stop by Storybook Forest where your childhood faerie tales come to life 🙂  Of course, the gallery is still in the region and we will be having our first showcase within the next couple weeks….it has been a while!  Here are the url’s to each region:

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary

Storybook Forest

Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary
Snapshot_001 2
Lost Unicorn Forest Sanctuary
Snapshot_004 2
Gallery View from Lost Unicorn